AiR Antwerp

3-month-residency in Antwerp (AiR)

January-March 2014

12 March 2014: performance - reading by Claire Liengme, 5 pm at Showroom.

WYSINAWYG: what you see is not always what you get, installation

"Ordinary stories": texts and silk-prints

Finissage at LIIIM3, Antwerp 


"During the residence, Claire Liengme created new artworks. Among them, a project called "Histoires ordinaires / ordinary stories", which departed from the experience of living in a complex socio cultural context of Belgium with its different official languages and migrations, and the experience of a similar dichotomy in her country of origin: Switzerland. She focuses on personal perspectives of people (among them coincident passers-by) and confronts them with their memories related to a particular location. The result is a collection of short stories, answering in an intimate and personal way to contemporary issues concerning society, identity and position." Alan Quireyns, AiR Antwerp



lecture performance

histoires ordinaires

Belgian heritage